Who Has Feminism Really Helped?

Studies Show College Girls Enjoying Porn

Feminism has liberated today’s girls says professors


Delta Sigma Sorority At Women’s Christian College

Christian girls care less about porn


Jewish Sorority At Bradeis Displays Decadence

Every young man at the nearby Hillel is dying for a date


Teen Girls Seeing This On TV?

Jews Push Their Filth

I have to imagine that most girls dream of a family, and a comfortable life. I really doubt than today’s college girl dreams of French kissing the girl next door, much less a 50 yr old Madonna. Today’s Zio-Propaganda says college girls love watching porn on the internet.


University Studies Or Just Feminist Propaganda

A new study shows that female college students are more accepting of porn. The findings by researchers at Brigham Young University suggest there may be a generational shift taking place among those who think it’s OK to have a peek.

Who Funds The Research Grants?

“These women are part of a rising generation that is deeming pornography as more acceptable and more mainstream,” said Jason Carroll, an associate professor at BYU and lead researcher of the study, titled “Generation XXX: Pornography Acceptance and Use Among Emerging Adults,” which will be published in the January issue of the Journal of Adolescent Research.

“You Go Girl”

It’s widely accepted that pornography use has skyrocketed, thanks to the “three A’s,” according to Laura Walker, a professor in the School of Family Life at BYU and co-author of the study. The Internet has made it anonymous, accessible and affordable. “It’s something you can do by yourself, right at the touch of your fingers, and it can be very fulfilling”



Early Feminists

Early feminists were opposed to pornography, which was seen as demeaning to women.


Today’s Feminist

But today’s feminists are more likely to see it “as a mode of self-expression.”
They “are much more open about ways that identity can be manipulated. They don’t feel locked into any identity. [They may feel] ‘I can do this one day and do something totally different another,’ ” she said.

Gender Professor

Erin Menut, an instructor in the gender-studies program at the University of Utah, said she was not surprised to hear that more young women see pornography as acceptable.


Thanks Hef

The Jew that started it all

Uni-Sex Toilets

Professor Naomi Case published a study, and feels most girls secretly like the idea!


This Entire Nonsense Is Hollywood BS

No one cares if a 20 yr old girl looks at a porn website, that’s not the point. The real issue is to you want 12 yr old girls thinking this is normal. I doubt there is a great biological interest at that age, but it lays the seed. Kids will think they are cool, daring, and this will make a girl more popular.

What passes off as feminism is just another way to corrupt America’s youth.



How The Jews Invented Porn

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