Video Proof Hitler Cancelled a Huge Victory Parade in Paris

As discussed in this article, Hitler in Paris, Hitler cancelled a large victory parade including the military. This is footage of the Fuhrer’s tour of Paris. It is small. Hitler purposely kept it small as to not insult the French civilians. Germans and French co-existed and the La Resistance is Hollywood bullshit.


It’s Just Hitler and a few Bodyguards



  1. Stetson

    You mean this parade?
    Looks a little larger than just a few bodyguards. Still, as you can see from the second video the Germans attended a ceremony at a memorial to the French dead. Did the US Army do the same thing when they reached Baghdad (or Berlin for that matter)?

    I believe the railway car in which the surrender was signed was the same on in which the German surrender was taken in World War One. Very symbolic for it to be used again, considering what the Versailles Treaty did to Germany. I was told years ago that the railway car was dynamited after the surrender was signed in 1940, as the final act of humiliation for the French. However recent checks indicate that the Germans preserved it and put it on display in Germany where it was destroyed by allied bombing.

    The French resistance was no fable. Sure, some stuff might have been beat up for Hollywood, but they certainly did exist and gave the Germans many headaches.

    Thanks for the website. Lots of interesting stuff here.

  2. Katey(Admin)

    Those are clips of the Whermacht marching into Paris. You’ll notice Hitler is not in the parade. Hitler’s tour was small as shown in the clip. The part of your clip is where Hitler brought the train that Germany surrendered in WWI back to Paris to make them surrender, a “Fuck you” to the French politicians. Hitler didn’t bother the French people. Why did the Paris police remain on duty and why didn’t the SS or Whermacht take over?

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