The Tragic Tale of 1600 Jews Burned Alive in a Barn

Jedwabne, Poland

Do You Believe 1600 Jews were burned alive in a barn



A Monument where the barn once stood

Sixty yrs ago, on July 10, 1941, Jews Screamed For Their Lives Here





One More Ridiculous Hoax

In 2001 a Polish Jew named Jan Gross, who teaches history at Princeton, wrote a book and said that in July of 1941, when the Germans took Poland from the Russians, a town went mad with vengeance. Gross claims that a handful of bloodthirsty Poles killed 1600 Jews.



The Jewish Tale

Germans March Into Jedwabne

Jedwabne was occupied by Russians from 1939 to July of 1941, and then the Germans took the town.

Germans allowed the Polish citizens to go on a rampage against the Jews. The Poles went house to house with nail studded clubs, beat 75 boys to death , and then they brought all the Jews into the town square. They started raping the women, trampling babies to death, gouging men’s eyes out, cutting their tongues out, and stoning children. One group cut off a women’s head, and Polish children kicked it around as in a game.


Jews Were Axed To Death

They forced 40 to take Lenin’s statue to a barn and bury it, after which they axed the Jews to death, and threw the body parts in a pit. The finale was when they locked 1600 Jews into a barn, and burned them alive. Mothers trying to flee, ran to the river and drowned themselves, and their babies, as the town watched, sang, and drank.


What Really Happened


The Russian Bolshevik NKVD occupied Jedwabne from Oct 1939, until May of 1941. During that time the Jewish citizens of Jedwabne took over gentile’s businesses, stole their property, and harassed them.


Russia Decimates Polish Towns

When the Russians occupied a town they would kill off, or ship out, the intelligentsia. Teachers, politicians, doctors, and their families were put on transports out, as standard practice, and Jedwabne would be no different. The town’s Jews helped in the selection.

The Germans Overrun The Russians

In June of 1941 the Germans arrived and occupied the town. They force ten Jews to take down statue of Lenin in the town square and put it in a barn. A few NKVD Jews were charged as partisan saboteurs and the Germans executed them. The town said nothing.

Professor Jan Gross

Gross is an author, and the main promoter, of the Jedwabne legend. Jan Gross is a Princeton history professor, who arrived form Poland in 1969.

He discovered the massacre 60 yrs after the fact. Gross’s main witness was Szmul Wasersztajn, an investigating officer of the communist Internal Security, who wasn’t even in Jedwabne.

Rabbi Jacob L. Baker, the author of Yedwabne

Rabbi Baker

“The Goys ordered all the Jews, including the Rabbi and the leaders of the people, to go to the market place. There they were told to put on their Talaisim and Tfilin, and to dance and sing. Afterwards they were locked into a big barn near the Jewish cemetery

The barn was then splashed with benzine and ignited. All were burned alive. May G-d avenge their blood !

The Poles stood singing and pounding wooden noisemakers to drown out the piercing cries that emanated from the burning barn.”



Itzchak Yaacov – A Witness

He fought a Polish axe man who stood at the door chopping heads off. He grabbed the axe escaped with his sister, her five year old daughter, and Itzchak Aaron Mendel’s son. The latter’s back was already scorched with wounds that never healed. He later perished in Auschwitz. I could see my father falling burned to the ground. We ran to the cemetery and lay there till night fell.

Exhumation Ordered

The government started an exhumation, supposedly found 3 skulls with bullet holes, and German ammo casings. Rabbis from Israel and America, who act as religious authorities of the Polish Jewish community, stopped the proceedings on religious grounds.

Exhumation Stopped

Rabbis claimed the bodies fused together, and or melted.

The President Of Poland

This fool attended the burial ceremony.

Rabbis Wept

Mr. Aleksander Kwasniewski actually apologized. Sixty years ago, on 10 July 1941, crime was committed against Jews on this land, at that time conquered and occupied by the Nazi Germany. This was a dreadful day. Day of hatred and cruelty.


Jews Are Given A Monument

Poland’s government places a stone monument where the imaginary massacre occurred. All it does is legitimize the ridiculous tale.


Jedwabne Town’s People Are Infuriated

They said a few Jews, who joined the NDKV, were executed by the Germans, but the rest of the story was a complete hoax.

Town Wants Exhumation

They demanded that the site be dug up, but the Jewish committee of Rabbis said it was ‘Hallowed Ground’ and couldn’t be touched.


“No exhumation!”

The Rabbis stopped the archeologists.


What’s The Truth?

The event is just another psychological thorn put into the Gentile’s psyche. When the Russians were occupiers, the Jews were collaborators, who belittled and robbed the citizens. When the Germans occupied the town they shoot a few Jewish NKVD saboteurs. The town stood by and didn’t shed a tear.

Sixty years later the Jews fabricate a story to keep their status as persecuted victims, and label the town as murderers and haters.