The Tommy Robinson Jewish PsyOp

Tommy Robinson is a hero!

Tommy wouldn’t Name The Jew when he was in the English Defense League and he won’t now. Tommy Robinson worked for “The Rebel” by Big Jew Ezra Levant.

The publicity stunt is very similar to this Jewish publicity – Jewish Nazis March Through “Holocaust Capital of America”

Tommy’s goal is to take the focus off of Jews and put it on Muslims.



The End Game

The Jews will probably fake ‘kill’ Tommy Robinson by Muslims. It will be announced in the JudenPress that Tommy is dead, but he’ll really be living in Israel. (See Irv Rubin)



The Jews Behind Civic Nationalism

Lauren Southern is Jewish

Jewish Nazis in Skokie


  1. Greg Bacon

    At the same time, Alison Chabloz has been convicted in Little Israel, which used to be known as England for singing a song that made some feel hurty.
    Luckily, Tommy made a big show to take the GOYIM’s attention away from Alison.

    All the Allahu Akbar™ FF courtesy of the CIA and Mossad are wearing thin, the GOY need to be kept distracted so they won’t start thinking and asking, “What in the hell is going on and who is really behind this madness?”

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