The Nuremberg Doctor’s Trials of Experiments

Understanding The Nuremberg Trials

Jews Claim That They Were Subject To High Altitude Experiments At Dachau


They hung doctors, at Nuremberg, over this evidence

The Nuremberg Trial Staff Was 90% Jews

This particular trial was called the Nuremberg Doctor’s Trial. They brought in a few crazy Russian, and Polish Jews, some forged documents, and convicted 23 doctors.

As we examine the parachute, we find that it is an American T-7, and the picture is a hoax.

Look at the German Parachute Harnesses compared to the experimentation

Here are American T-7 Parachutes

You Have To Ask Yourself

Just how does a Jewish Delicatessen clerk wind up in a picture at Dachau, with an American T-7 parachute on?


There is no Great Mystery Here

Stories about Auschwitz, female guards skinning Jews, Camp Commandants using Jewish babies for skeet shooting, Dwarves saved during a gassing by Mengele, Nazis using Masturbation Machines on Jews and a wolf later saving them and on and on were all Jewish fabrications.

How do you hang people on ridiculous stories, and staged pictures?