The Nazi Riga Massacre of Jews Hoax

The Town of Riga

One Of The Best Tales Of The Holocaust

Germans enter Riga, Latavia, and decide to kill 38,000 Jews for no reason. They march them to a forest, have them lay down, and shoot them all.

Jews claim that the Nazis set up tents where they served hordureves, and cocktails, to visiting dignitaries who wanted to watch Jews get machine gunned.


1940 Russians Occupy Latvia

Russian Army occupies Latvia in June 17, 1940, through July 1941. The Bolsheviks, with help from the local Jews, arrested 35,000 Latvians, especially the intelligentsia, and deport them to Siberia. The citizens of Riga saw their Jewish neighbors become part of the NKVD

1941 Germans Push Out The Russians

Germans occupy Riga in July 1, 1941. Many Latvians greeted them as liberators since only a week before Russian NKVD carried out mass deportation of thousands of anti Communists to Siberia.


The people behind the massacre according to the Jews

Friedrich Jeckeln

He was then in charge of exterminating the Jews of Riga .
In 1946, Bolsheviks try him for “fascism” and other ideological generalities but not for Rumbula -he was sentenced to death and hanged.


Heinrich Lohse

Gave the orders that came from the Furhrer himself – it was “the Fuehrer’s wish.”


Who was supposedly killed

10,000 Jews were imported from 500 miles away.

28,000 Jews were from the Riga ghetto.


The Massacre

Nov 30 , 1941
Nazis swept into the Jewish ghetto, roused men, women and children, and forced them onto the cobblestone streets.

They were marched to the Rumbula forest.

The First Execution – Nov 30,1941

“The columns of people were moving on and on, sometimes at a half run, marching, trotting without end,” Frida Michelson, one of just three known survivors of Rumbula, later recalled in her memoirs. “There one, there another, would fall and people would walk right over them, constantly being urged on by the policemen, ‘Faster! Faster!,’ with their whips and rifle butts.”

By design, the columns were long and carefully spaced out so that not all 12,000 victims would arrive at the killing field at once—but only in groups of ten or 20 over the half-day period. Crowds, SS general Jeckeln understood, could riot and throw off the finely-tuned action.

After reaching the clearing at Rumbula, victims were herded down a funnel-shaped path. In the final grisly act of their lives, they had to hurriedly strip, stack their clothes, and then they were beaten and kicked through a gauntlet, one by one, to the pits. Some screamed or prayed.


The second execution – Dec 8, 1941
Nazis again trick innocent Jews into a picnic

The second massacre had 28,000 Jews killed.

These included 18,000 Jews from the Riga ghetto and 10,000 from Germany, Austria, and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

Many of the 1,500 participating soldiers had been allotted a half-liter bottle of schnapps, and many were drunk.

Twelve German marksmen worked in shifts over three pits.

To help conserve grave space, victims were forced to lay flat on the bodies, already oozing blood, of those just shot.

After stacking themselves—a technique the Nazis dubbed sardine packing—the next victims were also shot in the back of the head.

The shooting went on for 12 hours, a thousand deaths an hour, 16 a minute.


Nazis served horderves

Jews said Jeckeln Friedrich invited guests and served hordureves, and schnapps, to guests during the killings

Ground move for three days

Nazis brought in bulldozers to crush dying Jews.


Evidence of a Massacre 

These are the primary sources
1. Russian/Jewish trial records.

2. The German Stahlecker reports of October 15, 1941

3. Records in Latvian archives, put there by Soviets Jews and the Soviet Extraordinary Commission

4. A surreptitiously recorded statement from a German POW who was at Rumbula and a woman who miraculously survived the massacre.


Frida Michelson

She was buried alive, and when nightfall came, she dug herself out and escaped.

German Army engineer-colonel Walter Bruns

was stationed near Riga in November 1941, when he witnessed a mass shooting of Jews, including a thousand just arrived from Berlin. In British captivity in April 1945, Bruns, by then a Major-General, was overheard by hidden microphones whispering to fellow prisoners what he had seen.

Where are the bodies ?

Jews say that during the summer of 1943. Himmler issued a general order that the bodies of massacre victims buried in mass graves were to be exhumed and burned. The burning was done in secrecy, and the diggers were killed after the job was completed.

Ashes were thrown in the wind!


Over Sixty Years After The Hoax The Jews Build A Shrine

Approximately 40,000 Jews from throughout Europe were murdered at Bikernieki Forest and are buried there. In 2001, a fitting memorial was dedicated at this site on the outskirts of Riga, Latvia paid for by US taxpayers.


Did This Happen?

You are to believe that 38,000 Jews marched out to the countryside and were shot for no reason. The evidence you are given is all hearsay, Russian Jewish records and one witness that lived ?

If this is true then why not do a ground radar study with an archeological team so the whole world can see this atrocity.



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