The Mendel Beilis Case and Jewish Blood Sacrifice

The Mendel Beilis Case is proof Jewish Blood Rituals do/did occur.

Mendel Beilis

A fiend that stalked children in 1912 Kiev


Beilis Was A Supervisor At This Brick Factory Outside Kiev


Andrei Yustschinsky

Young Boy Murdered For A Purim Sacrifice


The Marks OF Purim Blood Letting



They Saw Who Did It



1911 Kiev



In 1912 Kiev Had A Population Of 452,000



The 1912 Trial Of Ritual Murder

International Jewry Was In Total Panic Over This Case


A Brutal Ritual Murder
In March of 1911 a boy was brutally murdered by Beilis the Jew. Russia exploded, and the case went as far as to the Czar. There was intense Jewish pressure used to block investigators, and the courts. At the time of the murder, Beilis had a Hassidic, Faivel Schneerson, whose family had a history of Purim murders, staying with him. All of International Jewry came out to prevent a trial.
The case of Beilis kept Russia in turmoil for almost three years, and stirred up the whole civilized world. Jews had gotten away with these Purim sacrifices for years, but this was 1912, and the world was focused on this one trial.

What Happened

This Kiev Jew had been stalking the child for months, and finally made his move on 20 March, 1911. The one surviving witness, another child, said there were other accomplices with Bielis. A member of Schneerson family was with him.

The Child Was Butchered Here

The investigators concluded that the child was brought to a shed/chamber, and tortured to death. He was stripped naked, tortured and drained of all his blood, in a ritual manner. There were 36 puncture wounds, most on the head, and the blood letting occurred at the carotid artery.


Body Is Moved

Andrei Yustschinsky was found in a semi rural area of Kiev in a clay pit. The body had rigor mortis, it was in half-sitting position, the hands were tied together behind the back.
The body was dressed merely with a shirt, underpants, and a single stocking. His face was dark blue and covered with blood. Medical examiners determined he was alive, and naked, while he was tortured.



Russia’s Jewish Newspapers Panicked

International Jewry realized there were sitting on a time bomb. The implications of Purim’s ‘Blood libel’ was on all their minds. The Kiev Jewish paper Kievskaya Mysl immediately wrote articles implicating the child’s mother.
A newspaper editor, Borchevsky, bribed police chief Mischtschuk, who then arrested the boy’s mother. She wasn’t allowed out of jail for the burial of her child!

Next they accused the step father, and the police chief brought all the relatives in for questioning.
Jewish newspapers were advocating violence and the governor had to arrest some editors, and close down papers. Jews organizedstreet riots.


Detective Mishchuk

The Ministry appointed Mishchuk who arrested the mother and step father. For two months he took the case nowhere. He was charged with accepting bribes and imprisoned.


Inspector Krasovsky

He took over from Mishchuk, and tried to blame one of the witness’s mother. He was relieved, but there was enough evidence to charge him with accepting money. This is now four months after the murder.


Alexandra Prichodko

She was the child’s mother. Jews had her arrested, and she couldn’t see her boy’s funeral.


Police Chief Is replaced By Commissar Kunzevitch

The police were replaced by Kunzevitch, who preferred to stay in the Grand hotel of Kiev and to place his name merely among press reports.
The people of Kiev said he was bought off. Next was the “secret policeman” Krazovski”, an extremely confident man, who had a sudden change of heart. The investigation went nowhere, but Krazovski became wealthy.
His reports always conformed to the Jewish newspaper accounts.


Gypsies Are Accused

Solomon Breitmann, the publisher of the Jewish paper Poslyednich novostyey, accused a band of traveling gypsies who passed nearby.



Golub The Investigator

The Jewish press had pretty much buried the story, and the police were paid off to drop it. Golub starting piecing the crime together, gathering witnesses, and took it to regular policemen, who finally had Beilis arrested.



The Lamp Lighter

A lamplighter testified that on March 12, the day Yushchinsky disappeared, he had seen him playing with two other boys on the premises of the brick factory. He alleged that a Jew had suddenly appeared and kidnapped Yushchinsky, pulling him toward the brick kiln.


Witnesses Come Forward

Four months after the murder, an investigator has three children confirm they were playing with the victim. They had been threatened with death if they talked.


Children Are Poisoned

After one week the little ones fell critically ill with symptoms of poisoning, after the “secret Jew commissar” Krasovski had “visited” them and brought them “pies”! Two children, Zhenya and Valya, died in quick succession, while Ludmilla slowly recovered only after many weeks. The Jewish newspapers reported the children died of “dysentery”!


The Witnesses Mother Is Sent To Kharkov

The mother is sent to Kharkov, where she is put in the finest hotel of the city. She was told her other daughter would be killed, and the Jew Margolin, the later defense counsel of Mendel Beilis offered her the round sum of 40,000 Rubles.
She was asked to confess to the murder of Andrusha.


Beilis is Arrested

On 22 July 1911, Beilis was finally arrested together with Mrs. Cheberkov. The mother was soon released. Menahem Beilis spent more than two years in prison awaiting trial.
Because of Austrian Jews visiting with him, it was thought to be a ceremony.


Local Vagabond Found Strangled

Tartakovski a part time worker at the brick factory was said to have knowledge of the murder. He was found strangled!


Beilis Accomplices

Between 1853 and 1860, the Schneerson, a family of Hasidics had been convicted of blood libel in Russia, and were imprisoned in Siberia. The nephew, Faivel Schneerson, of this famous family wasstaying with Beilis.


Dr Sikorsky On Blood libel

This trial revolved around the Jewish ritual of killing Gentile children for a Purim sacrifice. Dr Sikorsky was an expert witness. His testimony.


Father Justin Pranaitis

He was the Catholic Church’s expert on Ritual Sacrifice. He produced scriptures that described the filthy Purim act of blood letting. He was executed by the 1919 Bolsheviks.

Trial Lasted Twenty Days- Sept 25 through Oct 28, 1913

Not fewer than 219 witnesses, mostly Jews, were available during the 20 days of the trial. There were 44 newspapers there, and 95% were Jewish controlled.
The high point of these 20 days of testimony, however, was shaped by the testimony of the little ten-year-old Ludmilla Cheberyakov. The court was loaded with Jews, and she was afraid for her life.
International Jewry provided five lawyers, and the Beilis trial is supposed to have cost the Jews 17 million Rubles.
Beilis is acquitted on a jury vote of six guilty, and six innocent.


Theodor Fritsch Comments

I expected anything after watching this trial. A five month investigation by two police chiefs turned up nothing. Next, two examining judges were bribed, and charged. When the third one finally arrested Beilis, remarkable things happened: two chief witnesses against Beilis (both the children of Cheberyakova) died a sudden deaths, and the day the judge was to examine the murder shed, it mysteriously burnt down.
In the trial it has been shown that several witnesses, intimidated by threats, did not dare to directly testify. Arnold Leese’s summary.


American Consulate

This case was serious enough where the American Consulate kept Washington informed.


Beilis’s Life Afterwards

Beilis leaves to Israel to escape any murder attempts.
Soon he moves to New York where Israelites present him with $400,000 Gold Marks. He died in 1932, at 60 yrs old, in New York.


The Bolsheviks Take Revenge On The Judges And Witnesses

When the Bolsheviks took over in 1917, all the witnesses, expert witnesses, prosecutors, judges, etc were put on trial, and then executed. Anyone that spoke out during the Beilis trial against Jewry, fell as victims to the Jewish-Bolshevist Terror.
Professor of Psychiatry, J. Sikorski, and the student Golubov were shot, under martial law in Kiev, together with other witnesses. Professor Kossorotov; murdered by poison. Vera Cheberyak was shot.
The ones siding with the Jews, like Bechterev, received a leading scientific administrative posts.




Why The Panic Over A Simple Murder?
This trial was international news from 1911-1913. If this piece of garbage was convicted of Purim Sacrifice, than all of Jewry would be under a cloud.
They spent 17 million rubles on this single trial, they killed at least three witnesses, and bribed countless police, judges, and prosecutors.