The Jews Framed OJ Simpson and Staged a Race Trial To Cover Up That Ron Goldman Was a Coke Dealer

The Truth about the OJ Simpson Case

UPDATE 2/11/2018

Research Shows Marvin Glass, Patti Glass’s ex husband(Fred Goldman’s wife) a Jew from Chicago involved with drug dealing and embezzlement was in the LA area at the time of the murders. Allegedly, (Source – Joe Bosco) Both Fred Goldman And Marvin Glass had ties to The Mafia in Chicago. Marvin Glass contracted HIV before the murders. The Possible Theory is now – Did Marvin Glass, who was in area, Kill Ron Goldman (Whom was a Confidental Informant…against Glass?) as revenge for…Goldman marrying his wife? drug debt? The picture is slowing Getting put together.

Original Article

The Jews framed a race trial involving O.J. Simpson, a mudshark, and a Jew to polarize the American people, just as they did in the Scottsborough Boys Trial.

(Video Documentary from BBC at bottom of page)

The LA Police investigated the claims of Bill Wasz and concluded that the murders were Drug related and not an “Ex-Husband Gone Mad” theory.

The D.A. shut down the investigation into Wasz’s claims twice.

There is also a theory that O.J.’s son, Jason, killed Nicole and Ron Goldman. Due to the method of the murder, it is impossible he would know how to kill in that fashion. Book is most likely backed by Jews and is disinformation.


The Players

Robert Shapiro

Shapiro – The mastermind of the “Dreamteam” Big Jew level status. Involved today in


Johnny Cochran

Famous black attorney who was the star of the trial.

Got Judge Ito His First Job in Civil Service


F. Lee Bailey

Originally gained fame for the “Paul is Dead” hoax.¬†Painted Mark Fuhrman as a racist. Used the word “nigger” over 45 times during one course of questioning.

Shapiro stated having a White Man use nigger would be more effective at proving racism in the LAPD.

Was Disbarred in Florida Over a Case Involving Drug Smuggling – Source


Robert Kardashian

OJ’s connection to the Jewish mafia. As can be seen in the linked BBC special, was involved in hiring a hitman (Bill Wasz) for a possible false flag involving OJ but the plan fell through.
The Jews repaid his family after his death by making his daughters practically the most famous people on the planet


Simon and Garfunkel

Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck (Jews from NYC) proved that OJ was innocent as the blood in his Bronco contained EDTA. The presence of EDTA means the blood was planted.



The Prosecutors


Marcia Clark

Incompetent – Talked about her time in Israel and how she was also raped there and her deep connection with Israel.
Obvious Sayanim.


Christopher Darden

Despite being one of the “Good Guys”, he is actually more like Denzel Washington’s character in Training Day. His peers stated he was “corrupt as it gets.”
He also defended numerous rappers on the behalf of Jewish owned record labels.


The Patsy

Bill Wasz

Bill Wasz, a cocaine dealer, stated Robert Kardashian hired him to keep tabs on Nicole and later offered him $20,000 to kill Nicole Brown. Wasz stated he felt it was a false flag operation and backed out. in 2005 Wasz was found dead under mysterious circumstances in his apartment


The Restaurant


Mezzaluna was a restaurant that had over 16 waiters die or disappear over the course of 18 months. Ron Goldman worked at Mezzaluna and was rumored to be starting a cocaine selling operation with Nicole Brown Simpson and Faye Resnick.

Michael Nigg

“Simpson, who has consistently professed his innocence in the Brown and Goldman killings, was acquitted of the murder charges almost a month after Nigg’s death.[a] Alternative theories of the murders, supposedly shared by Simpson, have suggested they were related to drug trafficking in the Los Angeles area,[4] and that Nigg’s was as well; Nigg apparently lived very well for a waiter,[5] and there were some allegations he, too, had been involved in the drug trade while working at the Mezzaluna branch in Colorado before. Nigg and Goldman, it has also been noted, were not the only waiters at Mezzaluna to be the victims of criminal activity during the mid-1990s.”- The Murder of Michael Nigg

The Maid

According to the New York Times, Nicole Brown Simpson had hired a maid whom was an ex-IDF soldier. Rumors are that this maid, who is unknown, became jealous of Nicole. Nicole demanded OJ fire her. Again here is a Jewish connection.


The Other Night Club Owner

Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson’s friend, Brett Cantor (Jew), was killed one year prior to the murder. He was killed in the exact same fashion, (Professional Knife Assassination) as Nicole.


Fred Goldman’s Wife

Goldman married Patti Glass in 1987. Her ex-husband was arrested on drug and other related charges in Chicago.

Marvin Glass (See Update)


Rumors of Drug Debt

Rumors emerged on the internet soon after the crime, that Nicole Brown Simpson’s tongue had been cut out and cocaine had been stuffed in her vagina.


Original Prosecutor Believes It was a Drugs Murder

Bill Hodgeman was supposed to be the original prosecutor but was replaced by Jewish Sayanim Marcia Clark. Hodgeman told journalist Joe Bosco that he believes the murders are drug related.


OJ Doesn’t Play Along

O.J. Gets tired of the Jews taking all his shit, so the infamous “robbery of his own stuff” at Las Vegas occurs. OJ is imprisoned for an unusually long length of time in comparison to other crimes.


OJ is Free and Goldman Still Wants Money

OJ was freed on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, (The Same Day as the Las Vegas Massacre). Fred Goldman is still demanding money from Simpson. He is seeking $70 Million. Article


Why OJ Is Innocent

Method of Murder

According to the autopsy, Nicole Brown Simpson’s throat was slashed in a way that police described, “Professional hitman technique.” The slash immediately cut her vocal chords and she bled out.


What Probably Happened

The real target was Ron Goldman. Goldman’s police record is sealed as he was a confidential informant at one time. The records are located at the Malibu Courts Office. Goldman worked as a tennis instructor before moving to LA. Numerous complaints were made about Goldman and cocaine deals occurring in the parking lot. Goldman set up a new operation or got involved with whatever was going on at Mezzaluna and was most likely killed by the Jewish Mafia.

Jewish Groups rush to cover up that Goldman, a “handsome good Jewish boy”, was a drug dealing man whore who was the real target and paint “The Juice” as a jealous ex-husband who killed his white mudshark wife.

See Update and Marvin Glass


Jews and The OJ Simpson Trial