The Holocaust Survivor Who Fell in Love With Her SS Guard

The Nazi Invasion Of Poland

According to this holocaust survivor the Nazis invaded Poland in 1941, and sent her to Auschwitz.

Nina Kaleska

She was only 13 when the Germans invaded Poland in 1941. She and her family were hauled off to Auschwitz, where her mother, father, and sister were killed.


An SS Guard Falls In Love

It was during this time that Nina had an unusual encounter with a soldier named Lucien who was guarding her and the other inmates. “I was 16 and I was so naive,” she said. “He was adorable and he was 19.”

He Knew They Would Kill Her

“He fell in love with me, and he says, ‘look they are going to kill you and I would like to help you escape,'” she explained. Nina and the other prisoners were eventually evacuated. A guard later told her Lucien had been killed on the Russian front.

“My heart sank. I never thought I would grieve for a man in a German uniform,” she said. “All of these years I never forgot him because he represented a moment of beauty and truth and hope amidst hell and death and darkness.”

Nina Is Saved

He said, ‘we have to ship out tonight, but I spent all night writing you a letter,'” she explained. “He gives me that letter and it is a beautiful poem, beautifully written and a photograph of him as a civilian. And he kissed me.”

Nina regained her freedom in May of 1945, and arrived in the United States in 1950 at age 21


She Is A College Speaker

She spoke to students at The University of Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College. She has also spoken about her life around the country in an effort to foster better relations between Christians and Jews.

Where Do They Get These Flea Bags?

In 1939 the Germans were fighting Russians, and the English, not chasing 13 yr old Jewesses. Even the biggest liars use 1942 as the starting date for Auschwitz’s gas chambers. As far as her SS boyfriend, I would sincerely doubt that.



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