The Big Jew That Runs The University of Chicago

The University Of Chicago
R. Jakob Zimmer Is The President

One More University Under The Grip Of Zionism

Practically every major university has a Zionist staff. Small universities in Montana will have a 20%, and Yale will have a staff of 50% Zionist.



The President Of The University Of Chicago

Robert J. Zimmer was elected the thirteenth president of the University of Chicago on March 13, 2006. Zimmer was the provost of Brown University.

Zimmer graduated from New York’s Stuyvesant High School in 1964, and attended Brandeis University and graduated at Harvard University. President Zimmer did not serve in Vietnam.




The University Was Founded In 1890

The school was a sanctuary of Christianity. It was started by Baptists that saw the stench of Zionism at Yale, and Harvard. It’s goal was to be a clean school, free of the communist agenda.

Within 40 years the school became the home to Chicago Judaism.



Chicago Was A Center For Zionism

The first great Jewish immigration wave was from Eastern Europe to New York, and the next was Chicago. As they settle in south Chicago and Hyde Park they quickly infested the University.

Today’s upper teaching staff, and important administrative positions, are 60% Zionists.