The America First Party Was Created To Stop Jews

Gerald K Smith

The Head Of The Party

Smith Wanted Roosevelt Out

Smith Exposed Eisenhower As Jewish

Gerald K Smith Was A Major Event

It is years later, and 99% of American never heard his name. But in the 1930s he stood to be the catalyst for stopping Communism and all it’s wars.


Who Was Gerald K Smith?

Smith was born in 1900 in Pardeeville, Wisconsin, and was an ordained minister. He became an radio celebrity and activist, who caught the eye of Henry Ford, Lindbergh, Huey Long, and others. He co-launched the ‘Share the wealth movement’ with Long.


A Powerful Circle That Frightened Jews

When Smith was befriended by Lindbergh, and Henry Ford, it was at this point Zionist starting to panicked. Henry Ford was attacked on every side, and Lindbergh’s baby was murdered, followed by Huey Long’s assassination.


Huey Long’s Assassination

Smith was shattered by Long’s murder. He publicly blame Roosevelt and said that Long was killed on orders of ‘The Roosevelt gang, supported by the New York Jew machine.’


Roosevelt And WW2

Before the U.S. entered WWII, he led the America First Movement which opposed the lend-lease program and espoused American neutrality in WWII. His party backed Huey Long for the 1936 presidential run.


Smith Was Repulsed By Eisenhower

At the 1952 convention, Smith distributed a paper that outlined International Jewry’s plans for world domination. Republicans called it an Americanized version of the Protocols of Zion. He distributed “Ike the Kike” cards during the 1952 primary, showing how a Jewish cabal has been selecting American Presidents since the days of Theodore Roosevelt, with Dwight D. Eisenhower as their latest standard bearer…

In 1955 he testified before a senate subcommittee, opposing the liberalization of refugee laws on the grounds that more undesirable flood of Jewish immigrants. Once Eisenhower was elected, he led a movement called “Stop Ike the Kike” in order to remove Eisenhower from office.

He believed the holocaust to be an invention of the Jew-controlled media.


Internet Has Revived His History

Everyone is quickly rushing to portray Gerald K Smith as a devil.


There Could Have Been A Very Different World

Henry Ford would have financed Lindbergh for president, Gerald Smith’s ‘America First Party’ would have ran his campaign, and he would have won. There never would have been a WW2. All Hitler wanted was to reunite the Sudetenland, a corridor to West Prussia, and stop the Communists.

In 1934 Smith was active in revealing the people behind 1913 Fed Reserve act, and how its real rulers cause the Great Depression. In the 1936 election cycle Roosevelt wasn’t that popular, and Huey Long was a great orator, people were mad, and ready to listen. Smith gave Americans a choice, the aristocratic Jew from New York, or an articulate self made reformer in Huey Long.

Long would have repealed the Federal Reserve, redistributed the wealth scammed in the 1929 depression, and let the Communist revolution in Europe stall.



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