Taxi Driver Alt Right Edition [Video]

The Film Scorsese Was Too Afraid To Make

Jett Rink stars in Taxi Driver: Alt-Right Edition. This is the film Martin Scorsese was too afraid to make. Not us, see how a simple Taxi Driver, Jett Rink, sees all the filth on the streets which culminates into a massacre of Dindu Thugs. Jett Rink decides to clean the streets of niggers and rescues a young white girl they are holding captive.



  1. White Integrity

    The original script was rather Alt-Right so to speak. You can see in the movie that Travis Bickle (the main character) was no fan of the negros. In the commentary that you can listen to on the DVD, Travis was supposed to blast a bunch of negros, but the (((producers etc.))) wouldn’t go for it. They decided he had to terminate a bunch of white degenerates, that is how Harvey Keitel got his role as “the white pimp.” They even joked about how they drove around looking for a “white pimp” to model the character off of, but couldn’t find one.

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