Stormy Daniels Claims She is Native American

Stormy Daniels has bursted into mainstream culture with the allegations of sexual relations with President Trump.

One thing that stands out, is that Stormy Daniels claim she is part “Native American.”

A lot of White people do this, such as Elizabeth Warren, aka, Pocahontas, to avoid white guilt.

What’s interesting about Stormy Daniels is she has a pretty typical German/Irish face.

Is she another white playing the Pocahontas game, or is she a “Native American”,

she does seem to have way higher cheek bones than Elizabeth Warren.

It’s just ironic that Trump calls out Warren but is a hypocrite when it comes to Stormy Daniels.

“Daniels is Half Cherokee Indian and half Irish.” – Source (Other Porn site Bios List this as well)

Half Breed