Slaughter of Cities – The Origins of White Flight

The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing

by Dr. E. Michael Jones

This Book discusses how Ethnic Europeans became “White People.”


Chapter – Environmentalism and The Ethnic Neighborhood

Other Chapters

Why Do Whites Flee To The Suburbs?

In this chapter, we discover the origins of White Flight. Jews like Louis Wirth, constructed a plan to move out Whites from the cities, replacing them with Negroes from the South. The Whites would then be moved into suburbs which they would be stripped of their ethnicity for class status.

Stalin’s Ethnic Cleansing Against Volga Germans

In our discussion, we also see how Louis Wirth and other Jews admired the work of Stalin’s mass deportation programs (Ethnic Cleansing) and tried to apply the same here in America to the Poles.