Roger Waters of Pink Floyd Names The Jew

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd Is now an “Anti-Semite”

Roger Waters is hated by Israelis and American Jews. He refuses to perform in Israel and considers the United States, a “Zionist Occupied Government.” ZOG

Waters called for other bands, such as Radiohead to boycott Israel. Radiohead initially agreed, but later cucked out.

Since Roger Waters has come out against Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity ala The Palestinian Genocide, he been blacklisted and muted from the Jewish Controlled Press.

Also there has been a culture shift in the music world to give all the credit of “Pink Floyd” to Sid Barret (The original creator) and David Gilmour (Guitarist, Waters wrote almost all the lyrics to Pink Floyd albums).

Roger Waters Calls Out Israel and Cucks Radiohead and Thom Yorke


Roger Waters Calls for Boycott of Israel