Poland Refuses To Pay The Jews 65 Billion in Holocaust Extortion

Poland Refuses to Pay the $65 Billion In Holocaust Reparations 

Poland is being shaken down by International Jewry for over $65 Billion. Poland cites under US/Polish/and most Western Nation Laws, that Polish Jews have been compensated and that Poland has no responsibility to pay “Special Interest Groups” who are claiming to represent Polish Jews. (AIPAC,etc)

Trump signed S.447 into law which forces Poland to pay the $65 Billion


Poland is fighting the Jews, Poland want “Polish Only” tour guides –

“In February, the official responsible for schools in the region in which Auschwitz is located argued that only Poles should be allowed to work as guides at the site, and that they should be licensed by Poland’s Institute of National Remembrance, a state body widely seen as a tool used by the government to impose its preferred historical narratives.

“Foreign, and not Polish narratives reign at Auschwitz. Time for it to stop,” wrote Barbara Nowak, who until last year served as a local councillor for Law and Justice.”


NameTheJew.com Explains How Poland Will Stiff The Jews and Expose The Lie to The World