Paul’s Not Dead, John Lennon is! And The Jews Did It! [Video]

Why John Lennon Was Killed

The Jews with their media infuriated Americans over the “We’re bigger than Jesus” comment to cover up this comment made in the same press conference.

“Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion” ~ John Lennon.

He was killed by Mark Chapman, an associate to the Bush family.


Jewtube sucks, download the video and save


  1. Gio

    John Lennon was the most outspoken beatle and hes the one who got it. He also got killed coincidentally around the time MLK did and JFK, Malcolm X, George Lincoln Rockwell. The government was a big gang back then taking out anyone. Oh but that’s right, John Lennon was 1980 but still.. as better as some of those times were, they could hide what was going on a lot easier.. it was a deception. Now it better all come to light in the making of a better society. Maybe this time us dissidents shall be the ones who win.

    The system cant crash fast enough though.. I gotta see more signs that it is because I’m not satisfied with the stagnancy I see or that they want to keep going. People like John Lennon at least kept things from being stagnant.

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