Nazi Guard Oskar Groening’s Message To The World

Oskar Groening

Oskar Groening, the 96 year old “Accountant of Auschwitz” or “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz”, was convicted of being an accessory to murder of 300,000 people.
He earned the nicknames because records show he was merely an accountant.
Prosecutors argue without Oskar sorting bank notes there would have been no Holocaust.


No Jail Time For Gang Rapes!

The Zionist controlled courts in Germany ruled he must serve his 4 year prison term while Muslims are allowed to rape German women.



Oskar Plays Chess


Oskar knows a prison term means death. Oskar decides to send a message
to the world. He knows he is going to die over a lie, so he works within the confines
of the lie to expose the lie.


Eichmann Played Chess Too

This is what many Nazis, who knew they were going to die, did to expose the lie of the holocaust to the world.
Adolf Eichmann, the “Architect of the Holocaust”, claimed the gassing operations were done using a captured Russian submarine’s diesel engine. Records show that Germany never captured a Russian submarine where Eichmann claims.

Except with Jew Blood!

Eichmann also claims that on a camp visit he noticed 5 foot “Blood Geysers” of where Jews were buried. This is obviously impossible and a message to the world that the whole thing is a massive lie.

This chimney is connected to nothing.

Back to Oskar. Oskar claims he saw many Jews gassed; He stood with Mengele on the “selection ramp.” He said he saw the ashes of dead jews.
He saw the smoke of the furnances.
We know this never happened. So by admitting to impossible fairy tales, Oskar signals to us that he is innocent and the holocaust is a hoax, just like Eichmann.


The World Hears You

The world hears you; you will not be forgotten Oskar, nor the many others who have been murdered or imprisoned over this massive hoax.