Morgan Freeman Names The Jew

Morgan Freeman Accused of Rape?

Welcome to Hollywoodland, where when you get old and useless, Jews try to defame you or kill you (Like Whitney Houston) for your royalties. That is what happening to Morgan Freeman.

This is how the big jews do it – Call up Gloria Alreid, she will get 10 women to accuse you of everything within 24 hours and her Jewish media power will have your image ruined before you even know what hit you.

Why the Jews hate Morgan Freeman

Years ago on 60 Minutes, Morgan Freeman called out Mike Wallace for being a hypocrite hiding behind “White Person” when he was really a Jew. This was a big moment and people forget the Jewish media smeared Freeman as an anti-semite then. The Jews don’t forget. This is their revenge. When Freeman dies, the Jews will get his royalties, not his family.


Morgan Freeman Cucks Mike Wallace