Matt Lauer Is Jewish

Matt Lauer Jew

Matt Lauer is Jewish. Lauer took over the Today Show spot in 1997. He became an unforgettable figure in the news about 9/11 for many of us.  Nonetheless, Lauer has been swept up in Weinsteingate. He was fired from the Today show.

Jew Matt Lauer Gets Fired 
Most of these celebrities happen to have one thing in common – their Jewish. #Metoo tries to make it out like it’s all men; it’s just degenerate Jews taking advantage of women.

Matt Lauer was certainly a degenerate Jew. Allegedly he had a button under his desk in which he could lock the door to his office.

His former Today co-anchor, Katie Couric, another Jew,  stated that Lauer liked to pinch her ass.

Jewess Katie Couric speaks about Matt Lauer’s annoying habit

Matt Lauer Jewish Proof:
“Lauer’s father was of Romanian Jewish ancestry, as seen on the Today Show’s Finding Our Roots. Lauer said, “My dad was Jewish. My mom is not. So I was not raised anything. I do feel a desire now to find something spiritual. Getting married and wanting to have kids has something to do with that.” Jewish News Of Northern California

Katie Couric Jewish Proof:
“Although her mother was Jewish, Couric was raised as a Presbyterian. In a report for Today,[citation needed] she traced her patrilineal ancestry back to a French orphan who immigrated to the U.S. in the 19th century and became a broker in the cotton business.” – Interfaith Family – Katie Couric’s Jewish Mom/