Marcia Brady Exposes The Jews

America’s Sweetheart From The 1970’s Brady Bunch


Today’s Maureen McCormack


The 1970’s Teen Show The Brady Bunch


Brady Bunch Star ‘Traded Drugs For Sex’

The wholesome Marcia Brady, a former child star who was once America’s TV sweetheart has confessed that she became a cocaine addict and traded sex for drugs.



Just An Innocent Child

Maureen McCormick played the daughter Marcia on “The Brady Bunch”, a TV show which aired from 1969 to 1974

McCormick recently published a tell all book about the debauchery, drugs, and executive pressure. I started out as a 10 year old, and soon I was being squired all over Hollywood.


Hollywood Is Where Anything Goes

The book, entitled “Here’s the Story,” disclosed that Bob Reed, the actor who played the on-screen father, was a closeted gay who later contracted AIDS. Often seen in his dressing room with Sidney Berg, and other Hollywood executives.


Hollywood Producer Threatens Her

In her book, McCormick, now in her 50s, recounts that she got deeper and deeper into Hollywood’s drug scene – even after a powerful producer threatened to stop her working in Tinseltown ever again.


The Never Ending Hollywood Scene

“I sought refuge in seemingly glamorous cocaine dens above Hollywood. I thought I would find answers there, while in reality I was simply running farther from myself.


Seduced At Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion

McCormick says she traded sex for drugs with a Hollywood cocaine dealer, and once allowed an older man she met at the Playboy Mansion to videotape her naked in exchange for drugs


She Was Handed Quaaludes Regularly

She remembers going to Sammy Davis’ house where there were bowls full of drugs.


She Had A Run-in With Spielberg

She auditioned for Steven Spielberg for “Raiders of the Lost Ark” but there was a problem. Spielberg was famous for his ‘fling’ with pre-teen star Valerie Bertinelli, whom he meet while she was auditioning for the same part.


Steve Martin’s Tryst

The teenage star of the Brady Bunch frequently dated a much older Steve Martin.


Hollywood Is One Creepy Place

The rapes and murders have been going on since 1903. The most famous was the black Dahlia where Zionists actually caught a girl in half. They take these pre-teen child, groom them, and at first chance they are sticking drugs down their throats. Take your choice, cocaine, Quaaludes, amphetamines, etc. The latest rage for these aging dinosaurs is mixing ecstasy with virility drugs.

This is identical to 1933 Germany, where they actually had to pass laws forbidding a women under 45 years-old from being a domestic in a Jewish household.



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