Louis Theroux and the Zionists


Documentary film-maker Louis Theroux goes to Israel

During the film, Theroux experiences both the Israeli and Arabian experience. Theroux has a Jewish tour guide named Daniel. Daniel is a member of a Jewish organization that deals with relocating Jews to new Jewish settlements.

Theroux meets young Zionists who fight Palestinians for land. They torch the Palestinian’s land.

In on scene, Christian-Zionists come to Israel and work on Jewish vineyards. The Jews mock them to Theroux when he asks about the kosher process. The Jews claim they are animals and can not make the wine Kosher.

Daniel shows Theroux Palestinian workers who were forced out of their home and now are being paid pennies to repair it for an incoming Israeli family. Jews kick Arabs out of their homes and force them to repair it.

Theroux amazingly does not cuck out. He calls Daniel out on the Jewish treatment of Palestinians.