List of Current Year Big Jews

Jews Control Everything, Like Mel Gibson Said.

Israeli Dual Citizen Zionists & 9/11 Planners

King Jew, BiBi Netanyahu, Likud Party

Ehud Barak

Dov Zakheim

Head of Mossad

Yossi Cohen – “Cohen won the prestigious Israel Security Prize for his Mossad work” Source

Head of IDF

Gadi Eizenkot

Head of B’nai B’rith

Gary Saltzman

Other Big Jews at BB

Head of World Jewish Congress

Ronald S Lauder – Ties to The Lauder Cosmetics Company

Head of Hillel

Eric Fingerhut – Controls Academia

Head of ADL

Jonathan Greenblatt – Currently Policing The Interwebs

Other Notables: Mark Potok(ADL/SPLC) & Abe Foxman

How The ADL Was Formed

Head of Hollywood 

Edgar Bronfman Jr, Shot Caller in Hollywood, Family has ties to Seagrams and Bootlegging


Head of Pornography

Greg Lansky – Runs numerous Interracial Pornsites, including which featured scenes of August Ames, The Pornstar The LGBT Harassed To Death


Head of Music

Dr. Luke (Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald)


Head of Television

Chuck Lorre – Creator of The Big Bang Theory


Head of Internet

Mark Zuckerberg – Stole Facebook off of 2 Goy Twins


Head of New York Times

Gregg Sulzberger



How Jewish Organizations Control America

The Big Jew That Runs The University of Chicago

What is a Sayanim?