Lil Xan Almost Names The Jew

Lil Xan, a Pawn of the Jews

Lil Xan is some new-age rapper that the Media Jews (Bronfman and co) are pushing. Obviously, Lil Xan’s gimmick is he looks white, but he’s actually Mexican.

Either way, I have no idea who the fuck this kid is, but in this video, he flips out and calls himself a “Slave” (of the Jews).

Lil Xan says, “Fuck it, I don’t care if this goes out on the internet.”

Bro, you have one song,  I think… I wouldn’t be pissing the Jews off.

“Diego Leanos, known professionally as Lil xan, is an American rapper from Redlands, California. He is best known for his breakout hit, platinum certified “Betrayed”, which peaked at no. 64 on the Billboard Hot 100.” – Wikipedia

Lil Xan Flips Out On (((Them)))