King BiBi Netanyahu and The Entebbe Hoax



In 1976, terrorists hijack a jet that was carrying 130 Jews, and flew it to Africa. The State of Israel responds by sending a team of Israeli commandos, who storm Entebbe airport – kill the terrorists – and rescue the Jews.

This article is in two parts: …. The first section tells the story of the events, and the second part attempts to show what an absurd farce this entire story is.

The real reason for this fairy tale, was to set the stage for 30 yrs of Arab/Mossad hijackings. Israel needed to conditioned the world to accept Arabs as the 9/11 plotters, and never to suspect Israel.


The Hijackers

Two Nazis and five Muslims

The’ Baader-Meinhof ‘ gang joins with the ‘ Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’, and they did a joint hijacking.


The Hijacking

Day 1 ….June 27, 1976 ..Tel Aviv

Four terrorists board Air France 139, which flies to Athens and on to Paris. When the plane stops in Athens, three more hijackers board.

The plane in hijacked, and heads to Benghazi where the hijackers demand the release of 53 militants, held in Israel and four other countries.


Plane goes to Benghazi

The airliner goes to a remote runway, is refueled and departs at 21.30 to Entebbe.


Day 2 … June 28

Air France Flight 139 lands in Entebbe, Uganda.


Day 3 Entebbe

The hijackers put the Jews in a separate building from the rest of the passengers


Idi Amin torments the Jews

For three straight days the TV blasts pictures of this monster touring the building, where innocent Jews quiver. Every morning, Amin would walk though the complex mockingly belching, ” Shalom Shalom – welcome to Uganda “.


Idi The Horrible

This monster ate his enemies, and kept their heads as trophies.


Day 4

The hijackers release 149 of the non Jewish hostages on the July 2. Planes are sent to Entebbe to pick them up.


Chirac Cries As Prisoners Released

At Orly Airport outside Paris, President Chirac welcomed the hostages.


Day 6 …. Jews decide to act.

The Israel cabinet meets and authorizes ‘Operation Thunder Bolt’.


General Motta Gur lays out the details.

The plan consists of sending 200 special forces, four C-130 transports, and two 727 jets.


Day 7 … Commandos attack

July 4 … Four C-130’s, and two 727, leave Israel for a 7 1/2 hr flight to Entebbe.


The Diversion

At midnight, four C-130’s land undetected at Entebbe. They quickly unload a Mercedes, two Land Rovers, and drive to the airport impersonating Idi Amin.

The Israelis (disguised as Palestine terrorists) storm the building, killing two more Ugandans.

In front of the building, two Ugandans tried to stop them but silenced UZI’s stopped it.


The Battle

A terrorist stepped out the main door of the Old Terminal to see what the fuss was about, and was shot. The commandos enter the building, and kill three more. The two from the Badher Meinhoff make a stand, but are quickly killed

The assault lasted 3 minutes, and 7 hijackers were dead. Somehow the Israelis shot three of their own.


Commandos secure airport

Next another plane arrives with two APC’s

Israel prepares to battle Ugandans as infantrymen from the first and third plane ran to secure all access to roads to the airport. There was no opposition.


Migs stand down

Oddly, the Uganda fighter squadron stationed at Entebbe didn’t scramble and there wasn’t any pilots around.


Jews flown to Israel

Cameras roll as Jews safely arrive in Tel Aviv, the whole world weeps with joy.


Not All Came Home

Mrs. Dora Bloch fell ill, and she was taken to a hospital in Kampala. When Amin learned the hostages were rescued, he went to the hospital and tore her apart.

Bibi Netanyahu’s brother was the only causality in this hoax.


Idi Amin

Jewish sources say he went to the hospital and ripped her limbs off!!


Nothing Makes Sense

The way to dissect this hoax is to see how flawed the story is.

Why do terrorists fly 2400 miles to the Israeli satellite state of Uganda ?


Why pick Uganda?


Israel Installed Amin

Idi Amin pulls a coup on January 25,1971, and becomes Uganda’s new ruler thanks to Israel.


Col Bar-Lev

The coup was hatched by Colonel Bar-Lev, the Israeli defense attaché to Uganda. The British government came on board on the next day.

Col Bar-Lev even picked Amin’s cabinet. Amin was to de-stabilize the Sudan, because they were allied with Egypt. Also nationalize gold, and diamonds, for Jewish interests.


Colonel Bar-Lev telegraphs Golda Meir

“Coup successful ! Last night General Amin arrested all officers in the armed forces sympathetic to Obote … Amin is now firmly in control of all elements of the army which controls vital points in Uganda. “

Shortly afterwards Amin made his first foreign trip; a state visit to Israel where he meets with Golda Meir, the Prime Minister. Israel gave Amin an executive jet.


You need to believe – that somehow the Baader-Meinhof gang joined forces with the PLO.


You have to believe –

six transports flew 2400 miles without being detected by Arab or African radars.


You have to believe

– that these 200,000 lb transports were able to glide in – at night – without landing lights – at an isolated airstrip – where there are 100 Uganda soldiers, and 8 terrorists, on high alert. And that no one hears, or sees, these howling behemoths.


You can hear these things a mile away


Israel said there were snipers and sentries on the tower, but they didn’t see planes landing 1000 ‘ away


It is simply more Israeli propaganda

A biblical epic, on the level of Moses and the Red Sea parting. In the age of TV we saw this minute by minute and we got three movies, eight books, and an upcoming mini series.


UK Prime Minister Called It A Farce

The documents also reveal that the British government PM, James Callahan, refused to praise the Israeli raid after its completion.


Secret British Documents

In 2007 the British accidentally released a report that the entire Entebbe incident was a hoax perpetrated by Israel’s Shin Bet. The journalists were fired.



The story is ridiculous

Arabs and Germans unite to kidnap innocent Jews. A ruthless dictator, Idi Imin, who defies the world. Jewish commandos gliding giant cargo planes into a small African airport, and a roaring gun battle.

This story goes beyond absurd. The British government released secret documents that intelligence services discovered that the Mossad staged the whole thing.