Julianne Moore is Jewish

Julianne Moore is of Jewish Heritage

How did a beautiful redhead A+ actress go from making drama/romantic films to just purely Jewish LGBT Propaganda? Easy, She found out that she’s Jewish!
That’s righ, Julianne Moore, born Julianne Smith, is Jewish. The Jewish part has nothing to do with the name change from Smith to Moore. Julianne did this to make her self stand out, even if Moore and Smith are very similar and common. If you go back to her great-grandfather, you will find Jewish heritage. Had Julie kept her name, she would be Julianne Hamburger. No Shit.
Who ever thought a 5’3 Sexy Redhead, would have Jew Blood in her? But then again, why would you marry 2 Big Jews and only making LGBT Jew Propaganda.

I used to like you Julie! No it’s back to Ghetto with you, Jude.