How The Jews Took Over The KKK

KKK was founded by Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1866
The cape and hood gave them the appearance of ghosts of Confederate dead .



The founding of Ku Klux Klan

Six former Confederate officers formed the KKK in1866 in the town of Pulaski, Tennessee.

The Klan’s purpose was to counter the former slaves who were stealing and pillaging under guidance of northern carpetbaggers. Northerners were grabbing control of the reconstruction agencies during all this.


Northerner’s …” Plan of deceit “

The New York carpetbaggers had decided to use former slaves as their shield and front men to buy the south’s land and businesses. The instigators held secret meetings and rallies with Union League soldiers and ex-slaves. Negroes were agitated into revenge and were raping and killing – this allowed the provocateurs to steal the South’s most valuable assets while the ex-confederates’ battle Negroes.

The intruders used the slaves to vote their candidates into office.

Now the Northern pillagers were exposed


A pivotal event

Solomon Leipel rapes, and beats, a the 12 yr. old daughter of a Klan member.

This carpetbagger ran a dry goods store and raped and beat his 12 yr. old employee. The father went to the local authorities but nothing was done.

The local Klan became violent and in May of 1867 they abducted and lynched Leipel. This event emboldened a downtrodden south and now local newspapers were openly discussing revenge on northern Jewish land grabbers.


President Grant takes action

By 1870 things were so volatile that Jewish delegations (former abolitionists from Yale) meet with federal officials. In 1871 President Ulysses S. Grant signed “The Klan Act and Enforcement Act” – a version of a modern day Hate Crime – that killed the Klan.




Klan died down till 1915

Hollywood revives the Klan for their own purposes ( If you push religion you need the Devil )





A new leader arises

In 1915, Col W. J. Simmons is the new front man who revives the KKK with help from some mysterious NY backers, and publicists. The Klan hung some Negroes and push for WW1.





1923 – 1939 was Hiram Wesley Evans

Evans turns out to be a dentist from Vanderbilt University where his best friends were Jewish. Evans reigned as Imperial Wizard from 1923 to 1939






1940 – 1949 was Samuel Green

Dr. Green is a obstetrician from Atlanta whose mother is Jewish





Klan’s purpose from 1950 – 2018

The KKK was about kindling the flames of a ongoing race war. All the Klan did was to strengthen the image of the ignorant southerner and the plight of the Negro. During its history many a Negro was found in the woods dangling from a rope. In the 1960’s the Klan was used to push Negroes to vote.


Medgar Evers assassinated

On June 12, 1963, as he was returning home, Medgar Evers was killed by an assassin’s bullet.



Mississippi Burning

An all time classic hoax that was made into countless books, movies, and mini series.




Martin Luther King

April 4, 1968, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis ,Martin Luther King is shot. King who is simply a black flim flam man, and a catamount womanizer, who the Jewish media made into a black icon. He was killed to keep the race war going.



Klan Goes On And On

The Klan served it’s purpose, but was killed by President Grant. International Jewry revitalizes it to create chaos in the White Nationalist Movement. Just as they did with Jewish Neo-Nazi Frank Cohen.

Jewish Neo-Nazi Teaches American About The Holocaust