Jews and Guns – Kip Kinkel


On May 19, 1998, Kip’s father was sitting at the kitchen counter drinking coffee, when Kip crept up behind him, and fired one shot to the back of his father’s head. Kip then dragged his father’s body into the bathroom and covered it with a sheet.


Kip hid in the garage and when she came home, he shot her twice in the back of the head, three times in the face, and one time through the heart. He dragged her body across the garage floor and covered her with a sheet.


The School

Springfield, Oregon

Kip took 3 guns to school. They were a .22 caliber rifle, a 9mm Glock pistol, and a .22 caliber pistol.

He walked down the hall-way towards the cafeteria. On the way, he shot Ben Walker and Ryan Atteberry, and then fired off what remained of the 50 round magazine from a .22 caliber semi-automatic, and one round from a 9mm Glock handgun into the cafeteria.

By the time Kip was wrestled to the ground by five classmates, two students were dead and 25 others were injured.

Detailed timeline



Kinkel was first diagnosed with a learning disability in the Fourth Grade.By seventh grade, he is on Prozac. The kid is infatuated with guns. The Father buys him a Glock 9mm, .22 and a .308 rifle and then Kinkel gets a sawed-off shotgun, and two more pistols.

At 13, he is making bombs and somehow comes into possession of a live grenade.


Kip’s sister

“They tried to discipline him, and they tried to keep him from making more bombs,” she said. “But at some point, Kristin said, they just pretty much had given up on being able to control him.”


Faith Kinkel (nee Zuranski)

Faith was a 2nd generation Jewess from Poland. Her heritage is from around the Suwalki Gubernia / Bialystok Province.


Father is an Ashkenazi

Bill Kinkel is a second generation American.
The Kinkels range from common swindlers, to Government officials. Andrea Kinkel ( Daughter of German Foreign Minister) to Gottfried Kinkel ( famous poet). During various Polish crackdowns, many Jews fled the law and migrated from Poland to Germany.


Abe Seidel

a friend of the suspect’s father, said William Kinkel had purchased several guns for his son, in an attempt to redirect his obsession with guns into a supervised hobby.

Bill Kinkel told him that his therapist said ~ “Let Kip have the guns, for it will be a good outlet”


Mystery Psychiatrist

Dr. Sachs

Kinkel’s trial produced half the Jewish psychiatrists in Oregon to testify Kinkel was a good boy, and the world closed in on him.

Dr. Konkol

Oddly the psychiatrist that treated him, wasn’t in court.


What The Hell Happened?

The Jewish program has been aimed at getting strict gun control measures in place, as well as restricting the internet. This plan has been in effect for years, and the Jewish psychiatrist (Sayanim) is the key.

Kinkel was brainwashed for years, and fed a steady stream of mind-altering drugs. Once everything was in place, the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ was given a cocktail of psychotropic drugs, and turned loose on the high school.



Dunblane Massacre – Classic Jewish Gun Grab

What is a Sayanim?