Jewish Vet Tibor Rubin was a Holocaust Survivor and War Hero Who Manned a Machine Gun for 24 Hours

Tibor Rubin

Awarded the Medal of Honor under the “Jewish War Veterans Act”


Medal Of Honor

Only 450 were issued in all of WW 2


Tibor Rubin Says, He Held Off Thousands Of Chinese Single Handed In Korea


Tibor Rubin Says He Was A Holocaust Survivor, Korean POW, And War Hero

He Was Born In Paszto, Hungary


Marines Die In Iraq For This?

Jews demanded a quota for the Medal of Honor, and in 2001 Bush signed their demand into law. To date there were only 3400 MOH ever issued, and Jews only received 13.

Tibor’s absurd story is the tip of the iceberg. There are another 150 Jewish soldiers that the Government has agreed to give the Medal Of Honor.



Tibor In Mauthausen

Tibor Rubin Was Born On June 18, 1929

In 1943, the SS tracked Tibor down to the remote village of Paszto in Hungary. The SS arrested Tibor, his parents, and his two sisters.

He was sent to Mauthausen, and the parents and sisters were sent to Auschwitz.

Tibor In Mauthausen In May 1943

Tibor spends two years in the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. He is liberated on May 5, 1945, by the U.S. Army.

His mother, Father, and two sisters are gassed at Auschwitz, Germany.


Tibor Comes To America

Our future hero immigrates to America in 1948




Tibor Joins The Army

US Army service: … February 13, 1950 – July 20, 1953

Fought on broken leg

Tibor broke his leg, was sent to Japan, but returned, and fought on crutches as part of Company I, 8th Cavalry Regiment. He hobbled into battles.

Received two purple hearts.


Charged Foxholes

Chinks Couldn’t Hide

In one battle he took a belt of grenades, ran through enemy front lines, and threw grenades into enemy foxholes.

Once again Tibor was recommended for Medal of Honor, but the witnesses died.


Saved his entire Battalion

Fought Off Thousands of Chinese

During numerous battles in Korea, Rubin’s actions with the 1st Cavalry Division to engage the enemy and tend to the wounded, were at what officials described as “careless disregard for his own safety.”

At one battle he fought thousands of Chinese, while his battalion fled.


Held back hundreds

In another battle, Rubin single-handedly defended a hill, manning a machinegun for 24 hours. He fought through the night and next morning, allowing the three thousand strong, 8th Cavalry Regiment to successfully withdraw.

Defied Chinese Snipers

Tibor crawled 300 yards to an injured buddy, while snipers tried to pick him off.


This Sgt. Blocked Three Recommendations for MOH

Tibor’s Sgt. Was An Anti-Semite

This anti Semite gave every dangerous assignment to Tibor. Jewish witnesses said he wanted Tibor dead!!

He told his troops: ~ “If a Jew is wounded, leave them for the enemy”.



Tibor Is Captured

Tibor Rubin In POW Camp…..Oct 1950 – July 1953

Tibor was a prisoner for two and one-half years.

In October 1950, Chinese troops attacked Americans in North Korea. Tibor was severely wounded, and taken prisoner.

Pyoktong Death Camp

While in Pyoktong prison, he snuck out at night, and raided enemy supply lines for food and medicine. He saved countless lives providing simple fare, such as grass soup, often force feeding fellow prisoners.


Chinese Test His Loyalty

As a POW, Rubin turned down repeated offers from the Chinese to be returned to his native Hungary.

“I told them I couldn’t go back because I was in the U.S. Army and I wouldn’t leave my American brothers because they needed me here,” Rubin said.

Tibor Tended To The Wounded

Tibor took care of everything from pneumonia to gangrene.




Bush Gives This Clown a MOH

Tibor Rubin

Jewish War Veterans Act of 2001

Jew said they were only awarded 13 Medals of Honor. They said the army was anti Semitic, so Bush passed a law giving them 168 Medals as a quota.

Tibor’s quote: ~ “I want the goyim to know that there were Jews over there, that there was a little greenhorn, a little shmuck from Hungary, who fought for their beloved country.”



What About Our Soldiers in the Middle East?

Tibor Rubin was never in Mauthausen, his dates are wrong. If he actually held off thousands of Chinese, twice, single handed, he would have been on worldwide TV.

Today in Iraq, there are Marines dying for patriotism. The Zionists’ schemes make a mockery of real heroes, the Armed Forces, and every soldier.



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