Is Millie Weaver Jewish?

millie weaver jewish

Millie Weaver Attends 7th Annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival in 2012

Generally considered InfoWars’ hottest reporter, no one until now knew about her excursion to the Jewish Film Festival in 2012.
Most of the VIPs seemed to be Big Jews like Mike MedavoyConsul General of Israel, and typical Jewish celebrities like Elliot Gould – Source

Elliot Gould


Also noteworthy, The Jewish Film Festival will screen a film presented by the US Holocaust Memorial Muesuem, Shoah: The Unseen Interviews by Claude Lanzmann which is to be considered
‘one of the most poignant films in Jewish history’ By the way, Shoah: The Unseeen interviews is 9 hours long

Millenial Millie grew up in California and has had a career in Hollywood. The question needs to be asked: why was she at a Jewish film festival?
Is Millie Weaver Jewish? Was Millie Weaver just attending the event with a friend?

You decide