Imagine If Cucks Were At Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

The average soldier’s age in World War II (World War Jew – FDR and Jewish advisers forced the Japs to attack us) was 18. An 18 year old in the 1940s was the kind of man that built this country. They did not run from danger, rather, they ran to it. Even though these soldiers were on the wrong side of history they did not cuck out.

Also, they were white soldiers, don’t believe the Jew lie pushed in video games that dindus made up 99% of U.S. Armed Forces. In reality, blacks stayed on U.S. soil moving to the North working on War-Time projects. After work, they’d do drugs, shoot craps, and harass white women. They were predators then like they are now.

If cucks were at Pearl Harbor, not one flak gun would be used, instead, the Cucks would say, “We’re white, we deserve to die.”

This video is what 18 year old kids fought against.  Just look how far men have fallen.


Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941