If the Alt-Right Bullied August Ames It would be Mainstream News

August Ames Committed Suicide December 5th, 2017, Age 23, Due to Harassment from the LGBTQ

Pornstar August Ames tweeted recently that she did not want to perform Jew porn scenes with homosexuals due to the many health risks, especially after some of the new ordinances in California.

She was harassed by the supposedly caring and thoughtful, LGBTFreak community. Here is here twitter where you can see the LGBTFreaks going nuts over her comments. August Ames Twitter Warining: NSFW
Thanks to /pol/ – allegedly the main asshole can be found at Jaxton Wheeler’s Twitter

August Ames made many films for Jew porn mogul, Greg Lansky. Lansky won a slew of Jew Awards from AVN, such as “Best Interracial Scene 2016.”

Big Porn Jew Greg Lansky
       Big Porn Jew Greg Lansky

Imagine if we, the Alt-Right, harassed August Ames for doing Jew porn and making interracial porn. This would be in every Jew magazine and on every Jew Fake News station.
When it is the LGBTFreaks, the Avant-garde of the Jew machine, there is nothing but silence.

Even though August Ames was creating degenerate Jew porn, the LGBTQ community should be attacked for the loss of this girl’s life.



    lots of niggers have their cocks sucked or rubbed against in their scenes
    some gay cuck sucks their dick or they have 20 nigger deep gang bangs
    she probably did not want to fuck one of those niggers and this caused a shit storm in the ir porn scene

  2. Joseph Klein

    This is absolutely disgusting antisemitism of the highest order. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting such utter fallacious claims regarding the porn/ LGBTQ industry to the Internet. It would seem the writer in question is neither capable of basic conventional commentary nor logical derivation.
    To be put quite bluntly, you are just another hack writer who embodies the “counter-culture” movement of the ever ruinous far-right.

  3. Mr Enigma

    Throwing ad hominem attacks at the author without any substantial evidence of your own is a failure in rhetoric. Legitimate questions such as testing and hygiene in an industry that can spread disease among the population should not be unfounded. Bottom line these pornographic productions are cultural subversion of morality and should be done away with, not for the white genocide like the Kleinsteins of the world want.

  4. Gio

    I heard about this and the fact double standards still exist just shows. They are trying to kill off white people who know whats cooking, know what the real deal is so yes, if the alt right bullied August Ames, it would make mainstream news totally but the GLBTQ agenda can get away with more. In fact smart people may just hide under that banner so they can get away with doing more.

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