Holohoax Survivor Claims His Brother Stopped The Nazis From Getting The A-Bomb

David Faber – A Holocaust Survivor That Speaks At Schools

His brother stopped Hitler from getting the Atomic Bomb


David Faber’s Book

Mandatory reading in 18 state public school systems


More Jewish Nonsense

David Faber, a Polish Jew, tells how his family hid under floorboards, and inside walls at a deserted office building. How his brother was a resistance fighter, who was captured and tortured. He saw his entire family machine gunned.

Faber then says he was in eight camps, pulled gold teeth and threw live babies into ovens.



David’s Family Lives Here

At thirteen David and his family hid in this warehouse, where his brother, the resistance fighter, found them. . Because they could not hide in a bare warehouse, Romek found one hollow wall in between two of the buildings for the family to stay.




David’s Brother Stopped Nazi A-Bomb

Faber says his brother destroyed the plans for Nazi atom bombs, and the Gestapo interrogated him, he wouldn’t talk so they put a hot poker in his eye, broke his jaw, and ripped his tongue out.



Next They Hide In Office Building

They lived in the top floor of an office building. The Nazis would search the building, but always failed to find the hidden family. This was because, when they heard the Nazis run up the iron stairs in their boots, they would dash, one at a time, into their hiding place, behind a picture frame. But one time, the Nazis came up silently.

Without warning, the door flew open, and the Fabers were showered with a stream of bullets. David hurried under a couch nearby, and heard the Nazi soldiers rejoice at how they had caught the Jews. One man even started to jump up and down on the couch that David was hiding under. All of the Faber family, even Romek, who died while being tortured by the Nazis, were slaughtered; except David, and his sister who left Germany before the war.



David Enters The Camps

David turned himself into the Germans, and went through eight camps, seeing Nazi horrors beyond belief.

On one occasion, the Nazis dug trenches and ordered the unfortunate Jews to lie down in the long pits. After drenching the people in gasoline and poisons, they set fire to them, and cremated them alive. David was made to search the scorched bodies for any gold teeth or rings he could find on them.



David Throws Jewish Baby In Oven

David worked in the gas chambers as a ‘Judengolden’ (pulled Jew’s gold teeth). One day he found a mother holding a live baby, he tried to save it, but was caught. The Nazis forced him to throw the live baby in the ovens.

He speaks at colleges.

Where Is The Harm?

The real truth is the Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered the Czar, and then killed 20 million Russians in their scheme for world dominance. Today US Marines die in their Iraq war to lay the path for Israel to control the Middle-East, and it’s oil.

Paying clowns like this to scar children with ridiculous fables, and portray Jews as innocent victims is just wrong.



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