Hollywood Jews Use Israeli Commandos as Bodyguards

Hollywood Stars Hire Israeli Commandos For Protection

Some Jewish boy from Hollywood starts a bodyguard service, other Zionists follow suit, and now we have Israelis slithering all over Hollywood. They push paparazzi around, fans can get an arm broken, and witnesses in lawsuits get threatened.


A Shiksa Gets Taught A Lesson

When Kevin Federline’s (nee Feldstein?) lawyer wanted to serve Britney Spears’s closest associates with subpoenas during the ill-fated duo’s recent custody battle, he hired a former Israeli commando to get the job done.


From A Nerd To A Commando

Veteran ex-Israeli operatives of Israeli special operations units have found lucrative careers helping Hollywood stars fend off stalkers and paparazzi.

Aaron Cohen, has built a career on the premise that protecting celebrities has more in common with nabbing Islamic radicals than may be apparent. Cohen, 31, is the founder of IMS Security — short for “Israeli Military Specialists”


A Good Jewish Boy From Beverly Hills

A native of Beverly Hills, Cohen has parlayed his service in Duvdevan — an elite Israeli commando unit responsible for capturing, and sometimes killing, Palestinian militants in the West Bank — into a lucrative, niche business back in his hometown.


Top Israeli Fighters

Hiring Israelis culled exclusively from the Jewish state’s top four special operations units, Cohen oversees the only private security firm specializing in bringing Israeli-style protection to the upper reaches of stardom. Guarding the likes of Brad Pitt, Jackie Chan and Eva Longoria, to name but a few, Cohen — with a minimum retainer fee in the range of $20,000 and a day’s work costing up to $1,000.


Spears Has Her Friends Threatened

Indeed, Cohen called the Spears subpoenas, where he was hired by an attorney Mark Kaplan, to track down Spears’s inner circle, including her former manager Larry Rudolph, who had, according to press accounts, gone into hiding.

Locating Rudolph, as well as Spears’s cousin and former assistant, Ali Simms, Cohen said, required the same tactics as tracking a terrorist — performing extensive background checks and pinpointing their exact whereabouts.

From Beach Boy To Elite Soldier

Arron Cohen’s own story to be a book. At 18, Cohen made aliyah and subsequently became the only American to finagle his way into the ranks of an elite military unit — a feat, even for those born in Israel. As a member of Duvdevan, created in the wake of the first intifada, Cohen was among those who disguised themselves as Arabs to infiltrate the West Bank. I


Cohen Fights Brad Pitt’s Stalker

It seems Lance Buttocks was jerking off to Brad Pitt, and the rumor goes the exhibitionist got the crap kicked out of him.


Cohen Recruits Jewish Soldiers

Soon, Cohen founded IMS Security. In order to recruit his employees, he returned to Israel, where he still owns a condominium in the affluent Tel Aviv suburb Herzliya. Cohen tacked up a note in the lunchroom of his unit, offering high-paying jobs in L.A. to anyone who had finished his service. Cohen now employs a staff of 22, and he rotates in new Israelis every one-and-a-half to two years.


Most Hollywood Bodyguards Are Jewish

Cohen’s competition includes other top private security firms, such as Gavin de Becker Associates, Galahad Protective Services and Screen International Security Services. SISS was founded by another Israeli, Avi Korein, who, in a strange twist, has worked for many years as Mel Gibson’s bodyguard.


How Can Israelis Get Away With It?

Threatening witnesses who will testify against their clients, punching ordinary fans, walking to the front of lines, etc etc. These Israelis now train American law-enforcement and police units in Israeli counter-terrorism techniques. Houston Metro SWAT team, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the Department of Homeland Security’s Los Angeles office, are his clients.

The police commissioner, Shelly Friedman, is a fellow Zionist looks out for these Israelis.


Professional Actors Get Recommendations

“Aaron is definitely unique in the fact that he only uses Israelis,” said Steven Katz, a talent manager who first hired Cohen to protect Chan in 2002. “The majority of firms are about crowd control; they’re not doing real threat assessment.”


How Can Israelis Carrying Uzis In America?

This started with the ADL, and Zionists groups, getting into the police departments, and finally gaining control. Jackie Chan’s body guard can break a fan’s arm, and the police look the other way, and the Zionist media say nothing.