Hitler in Paris and The French Death Camp


France was a very safe place in WW2


Headquarters of Paris SS via 1942



Did smart Jews just move south to unoccupied France ?




French Jews in WW2

During the German occupation there were approximately 390,000 Jews in France. Approximately 75,000 Jews were killed. ( According to Jewish folk tales ).

Unoccupied France

Jews weren’t touched in this area.

The Truth

Out of 390,000 Jews in France maybe 40,000 died – some in fighting but the majority to old age and natural causes.

Figures according to Jewish sources

The encyclopedia claims that 83,000 French Jews were gassed at Auschwitz but there are no bodies or records . Your evidence of murder consists of few Russian Bolshevik Jews ( camp criminals ) that claim they saw 4,000,000 gassed in a 100′ x 200′ room.



The Fuhrer visits Paris


He was treated like a celebrity


The Fuhrer’ Paris route


He drove around in an open car.

The Fuhrer in Paris

One day after France signed an armistice with Germany in June 1940, Adolf Hitler celebrated the German victory over France with a tour of Paris. Here, Hitler arrived by train and his tour included the Paris opera, the Champs-Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower. After visiting Napoleon’s tomb and the Sacre Coeur, Hitler left Paris.


Hitler at the Paris opera house

The Opera was Hitler’s favorite example of Parisian architecture, and he carefully inspected the great stairway, resplendent in its ornamentation and sweep, the splendid foyer, and the elegant, golden parterre.

Hitler had made a careful study of the building and confidently led his retinue through the deserted grand spaces, guided by a small, white haired attendant.

The attendant had quickly recognized whom he was guiding through the building, and was thrilled

Hitler bantered back and forth with the attendant, who was fascinated by Hitler’s congenial simplicity. He expostulated ecstatically about the beauty of the place, his eyes glittering with excitement.


Hitler signs autograph

When the visit was over, Hitler whispered to his adjutant, Wilhelm Brückner, who took a fifty-mark note from his wallet and gave it to the attendant. The little white haired man politely refused the money, but wished to shake Hitler’s hand.

Hitler gives the attendant his autograph.


Paris during the occupation

The German army was welcomed

Resistance is Jewish/Hollywood fairy tale

La Resistance

The claim that thousands of Parisians were members of the anti-Nazi “Resistance is an aspect of the Second World War that has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years.

As British historian David Pryce-Jones explains in his study of Paris in the Third Reich, there was little actual resistance activity in the French capital.

Indeed, during the German occupation life in Paris went on much as it had before the war.

Germany occupied France so Britain couldn’t launch an invasion from there.


The French Were Impressed

The French mass circulation weekly L’Illustration described the German soldiers as “handsome boys, decent, helpful, above all correct.” Hitler even cancelled a huge victory parade that had been planned by the military, so as not to alienate the Parisians.


Gendarmes Ran The Country

Within a few days after the onset of the German occupation, the schools, restaurants, theaters, trains, newspapers, and other public services were back in operation on a near-normal basis.

The Paris police, who outnumbered the Germans, remained on duty throughout the occupation


Germans Even Left Jewish Dissidents Alone

Political opponents such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Coco Chanel, Dior, Yves Montand, Maurice Chevalier, Picasso, and Albert Camus were among those who lived and worked — very productively — in Paris during the German occupation.


The French Population

The Americans and the British died, while 95% of the military eligible French sat out the war.


Paris Was Magical In 1943

Night clubs were flooded with German soldiers.

The French Jews were never touched.

The next logical step is what is the truth on the Jewish French Underground ? Does anyone believe a Parisian Jew is going to run around blowing up Nazis in French restaurants ?

The Jews existed hand in hand with Germans on a daily basis. Parisians getting permits to work for the Wehrmacht.


French nightclub owner – who were Jewish – catered to the Germans


Only 60 yrs later did Jews discover death camps in Paris

The Drancy Death Camp

The supposed death camps is a housing project on a highway outside of Paris. 75,000 Jews were ‘supposedly’ shipped to Auschwitz from here.


The U-shaped building was a camp

Where are the fences and guard towers ?


The Paris Death Camp

Another ridiculous holocaust fairy tale.


Das Trains Of Death

According to Jewish legend they were all gassed at Auschwitz !! The principal departure point for Auschwitz where 77,000 French Jews were deported, including 11,204 children and they were all gassed.


Where Is The Railroad?

When people visit this shrine they are told stories of wailing Jews, barking dogs, Nazis with whips, and locomotives at the ready.

Guess what? There isn’t a railroad track within five miles.


The making of a ‘Holocaust theme park’

Take a cute city outside of Paris – build some statues and park a railway car and ‘Wa Laa’ your can start building your dream.


This Was A Failed Housing Project

The truth is this was a low income housing area which has been owned Groupe Grisel Immobilier (Jewish family).


75,000 Jews were shipped from here ??

The absurdity of Jewish fairy tales goes beyond the pale. At the most the Jews admit that 75,000 out of 390,000 Jews were gassed. We know there were no gas chambers so at most 35,000 Jews died over 4 yr and 95% were of natural causes.