Hillary Clinton Names The Jew

Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Semitic Past

Clinton became famous during the election for her comment, “I can have a public opinion and a private opinion.” Well, privately Madam Secretary hates Jews.

In Patterson’s book (A Former Body Guard), he states then First Lady Hillary Clinton repeatedly made use of the term “Jew” “Fuckin Jew Boy” “Yids” “Kikes” and “heebs”

In one outburst, Patterson highlights that Hillary Clinton stated, “You dumb fucking hick, didn’t you know she (Lewisnky) was fucking Mossad? You Jew loving bastard always thinking with your cock”

In the video obtained below by BBC, one Jew, who Clinton fired, says she clearly is anti-semtic.

It should be noted, Israelis consider her foreign policy as “The Most Anti-Israel Policy since the Rebirth of Israel in 1948”


Clinton Calls Staff Member A Fuckin Jew<./b>