Helen Mirren is Not Jewish

Helen Mirren is not of Jewish Heritage

A Lesson in noses, Helen Mirren does have a funky nose. Does that mean she’s Jewish? No. Actually, quite the contrary. Her grandfather was a Colonel with the White Russians, with the rise of Jewish Bolshevism, they were forced to flee to the UK. Where Mirren’s Grandfather went from a Colonel to a taxi driver.

Mirren’s Background: “She was born Helen Lydia Mironoff[7] at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in Hammersmith, west London,[8][9] the daughter of Kathleen “Kitty” Alexandrina Eva Matilda (née Rogers; 1909–1996) and Vasily Petrovich Mironoff (1913–1980). Her mother was English and her father was Russian, originally from Kuryanovo, Smolensk Oblast.[10][11][12] Mirren’s paternal grandfather, Colonel Pyotr Vasilievich Mironov, was in the Imperial Russian Army and fought in the 1904 Russo-Japanese War. He later became a diplomat and was negotiating an arms deal in Britain when his family and he were stranded by the Russian Revolution.[13] The former diplomat became a London cab driver to support his family and settled down in England.[14]” – Wikipedia

Mirnoff was changed to Mirren to better assimilate into the English culture. Had Mirren been Jewish, they would not have had to flee the Red Revolution.


The Jews Really Want Mirren But It BackFires

New York Times Reporter, Andrew Goldman insisted she must have Jewish heritage, which Mirren declined. Goldman then asked if she feels “Jewish”

Mirren’s Response….”I love Diamonds!”

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