He Killed 55 Jews in Honor of Hitler’s 55th Birthday

The Trial of German Major War Criminals


Actual testimony from Nuremberg


14th February to 26th February – 1946

Lodnik Manusevitch – Jewish witness

Manusevitch was imprisoned by the Germans in Yanov camp, his job was burning Russian corpses. After the 40,000 corpses murdered in Yanov camp were burned, then his squad transferred to the camp in Lisenitz Wood to burn more.




Ten Day Course

The Nazis, under Colonel Schallok, taught courses in killing “Class units of twelve pupils are taught on corpse burning. Pupils attending these courses came from the camps of Lublin, Warsaw, and others of which the names escape me.




School Of Death

Pupils taught the art of using a ‘Bone Crushing’ machine, disguising graves with trees, and how the ashes of the human corpses were scattered and concealed.




Dogs Trained To Eat Jews

The Nazis had trained dogs to eat Jews This was mostly done by the following members of the Gestapo: Heine, Mueller, Blum, Camp Commandant Willhaus, and others whose names escape me.

People would be beaten till they nearly died, then dogs would then be set on them to tear them to pieces.


A Tribute To Hitler

“In 1943, for Hitler’s 54th birthday the commandant of the Yanov Camp, Obersturmfuehrer Willhaus, picked out 54 prisoners of war and shot them himself.




SS Madman Executed The Band

The SS had the orchestra compose a special number called ‘The Tango of Death’, which the commandant had them play whenever he had Jews executed. Shortly before dissolving the camp the Germans shot every member of the orchestra.



Savagery Beyond Belief

Infants from one month to three years old were thrown into rain barrels and left to drown.




Shooting Jews For Sport

The commandant sat on balcony shooting Jews. ‘Obersturmfuehrer’ Willhaus, systematically shot with an automatic rifle from the balcony of his office the prisoners employed in the workshops, partly for sheer love of ‘sport’ and partly to amuse his wife and daughters




Mother Used Babies For Skeet Shooting

He would then hand his rifle to his wife and she too had a shot at the prisoners. The wife and daughter would watch and also shoot.






Not As Innocent As She Looked

Sometimes to please his five-year- old daughter, he had children between the ages of two and four years tossed in the air, and then took pot shots at them



Teenager Thrilled By Baby Shooting

His 14 yr old love this family bonding ritual. The daughter applauded and shrieked, ‘Papa, do it again; do it again, Papa!’ And he did it again

Do you actually believe this bullshit?

This is another Jewish fairy tale that is Sworn Testimony that led to people being executed. Those that created the Myth of German Villainy and the Holocaust could not foresee the invention of the internet which is now exposing all of their lies.  If you believe this, you must also believe that Nazis used Masturbation Machines on Jews and that Dwarves were personally saved by Josef Mengele during a gassing…