Gio on Oprah For President and Martin Luther King JR

Here is a video from Contributor GiovanniRain

Gio discusses Oprah, MLK, and other sheeet.


  1. Gio

    I only speak my true thoughts, Oprah would be worse than Trump and more worse than Obama by quite a bit as well. Remember when Michelle Obama people thought was going to run? What if Oprah would be worse than her?? WOW. See the oligarch Jews have a plan. They want to throw out the worst possible candidates they can at the public. Apparently Michelle Obama wasn’t enough of a joke, they had to go out and try to get Oprah Winfrey well you know what I say to that. I hope Bernie Sanders destroys her in 2020. Even though I am not a fan of him, I’d much rather have that socialist from VT than Oprah. At least it would be a return to the Jimmy Carter era which really wasn’t as terrible as they want to make it sound.

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