Ezra Levant The Jew Behind Civic Nationalism

Ever Wonder Why Some People Are Famous, Getting Paid And You’re Not?


It’s because you aren’t a Jew shill who met up with Ezra Levant (Found of Rebel Media). Levant is gave us such great reporters like Wintrich (Jew Cuck), Laura Loomer (Jew), Milo Yannipollous (Gay Jew), Gavin McCuck (sadly gentile.) Get Ready for his hot babes Lauren Southern (Jewish) and Brittany Pettibone who dates some cuck named Sellner (Jew)

Just Like with Michael Cohen and the fake Nazis of Skokie, Illionois, and the WeAreChange (WeAreJews), the MAGA Movement is Jewish.


Here’s a great music video “John Doe” made

Brittany Pettibone & Lauren Southern – Escapin the Gas




Lauren Southern Is Jewish

Lucian Wintrich: Another So-Called Alt-Right Jewish Faggot

When The Jews Took Over the NSM

How Civic Nationalists Are Fucking Up America