Eisenhower the Cuck and His 20 Year Old Shiksa

Eisenhower Flaunted His Lover In Public

He was a 60 year-old, and she was 26


Kay Summersby Was His Companion Everywhere


His Car Raced Through London With Sirens Blaring


He Flaunted Her In Front Of The Troops


She Was At The WW2 Surrender


Eisenhower The Soldier

He first assignment was to London, where he lived in the palatial Dorchester hotel. He was assigned a driver/companion, Kay Somersby, a married 26 yr old model.


Eisenhower’s Battle Experience

He was in charge of the North Africa invasion where he was responsible for the massacre at Kasserine Pass. There was a mutiny in his command and Roosevelt flew to Tunisia.


Eisenhower Goes Back To London

Eisenhower lives at Telegraph Cottage, a ten acre Country Estate, outside of London. He attends dinner parties, and is an embarrassment, whipping around London in his staff car, flags flying, with his British Mistress at the wheel.


Eisenhower’s Fashion Model Companion

After North Africa, and Sicily, he returns with his 26 yr old mistress.

In 1943 Eisenhower is the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe.Gen. Montgomery considered Eisenhower a clown.


Ike And Kay’s Love Nest

Cigarettes, brandy, and love.


Life As A Patrician Aristocrat

Long horse rides, card games, and snuggles


Arguing In Public

She got hammered at a party, and told an aide about ‘Ikie’ and his bed habits, how he would get a little too excited, and she got left panting. Somersby wrote a book ‘Past Forgetting’ on their affair.


Eisenhower Was Just Another Jew Myth

Eisenhower was of Jewish lineage, he was sent to Europe by Bernard Baruch. His mission was to pave the way for Stalin and his Communists. He was behind the bombing of Dresden and Hamburg. After the war, in ‘Operation Keelhaul’, he rounded up over a million Communist dissidents and sent them to Russia, where Stalin killed them. Next he put a million and a half Germans in open fields where at least 1.1 died from starvation and exposure. Finally he ordered Patton to throw Germans out of their houses so eastern Russian Jews could resettle.



Eisenhower was Jewish

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