Donald Trump Vince McMahon and the birth of a New Football League

Two White American Business Men


Trump is a master of real estate. Contrary to fake news, his dad was basically a slum lord.
President Trump made the company billions and established himself as a brand.


Born to Catholic Parents, he took wrestling from smoke filled bars to the family room.



McMahon put Billionaire Globalist Ted Turner’s WCW out of business.



Trump tried a football league



McMahon tried a football league




Linda McMahon is in Trump’s cabinet and a Trump loyalist.

Rumors were that Linda was even considered for VP.



Trump and McMahon are playing chess and the whole world can’t see it.




Trump criticizes players disrespecting America and Her Veterans and the NFL is quickly dieing.



There will be a new league. McMahon has already filed for copyrights relating to the XFL and football.




It will work.

When McMahon originally tried the XFL there was not much difference between the NFL and the XFL. Nowadays, the NFL is too soft and full of coonery.
McMahon’s football will return to gritty football and end the victory celebrations that are detested by white fans.