Why Do Dindus Collect Sneakers? [Podcast]

Sneakers, Justin Bieber, and White Males EP#1 2012 60 minutes

Flight club nyc
Flightclub NYC

For the first show of 2012, Jett is joined by his friends, Joe from The White Voice and Blue from the Council of Conservative Citizens to discuss the following issues:

    • How did the black sneaker culture start?
    • Michael Jordan the male Oprah
    • “Swag” and “Fresh 2 Death” translated to English
    • How the Jews screwed Michael Jordan
    • Justin Bieber engaged to a Mexican singer
    • Weak White Males and Mulatto Kids
    • Gay show “Glee” airs at 8 PM Prime time
    • Some Creativity Talk
    • Final Thought: Where are we heading in TheCurrentYear

      Reprinted with Permission from Jett and Jahn Media, L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.