Did Jack Nicholson Play Steve Bannon in Anger Management?


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Some of us in the United States of America know about the legend of Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, how he went to the racetracks and became a millionaire overnight, had a huge casino hotel built in the middle of Downtown Hill Valley right? Or Dr. Emmett Brown, the wacky time traveling scientist played by Christopher Lloyd? Google search and you will see what I mean.

Here is a new idea FRESH off the presses. Do you remember the movie Anger Management with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler?  Add two and two together and now you have Donald Trump from the paragraph above and Dr. Buddy Rydell, who was coaching Adam Sandler, in the movie Anger Management.

Apply that now to Steve Bannon working with Donald Trump, taking on the media, being the eccentric guy that he is. Dr. Buddy Rydell like Bannon was also very eccentric and tried provoking his client (Sandler) over and over again, but the end result of the movie ended on good terms.. it was all planned by the Dr Frankenstein type character and everyone finally realized. He wasnt out to do too much harm as devilish as he came off. And believe me did he ever come off that way? Kind of like Steve Bannon does to people.

 I debated if Steve Bannon was sort of like the Joker too, but not as much as he is Jack Nicholsons character Buddy Rydell. This should tell you something about how the Trump presidency could have went if he took Bannon’s lead but he did not and Donald J Trump is failing the American people every day because of it and Jews like Jared Kushner that he chooses to keep by his side. This should serve as a clear message. Even if Bannon has his flaws, its a lot better taking his lead than a Kushner type or all his other money grubbing advisers.

Steve Bannon also spent time in Hollywood and its very possible that Jack Nicholson knew of him a long time ago behind the scenes and played his character in the movie. Its these little things they don’t tell you about.


Rudy Giuliani also showed up at the end of the movie during the NY Yankees game kissing scene between Marisa Tomei and Adam Sandler AND he also wanted to be on Donald Trumps staff along with Steve Bannon. See the connection?




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