Davos or Jewish Woodstock

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What happens at Davos, stays in in Davos, but it affects all of us greatly. Despite being a picturesque mountain town in Switzerland, its what occurs there that has me worried. The World Economic Forum, held in Davos, might just sound like another policy forum; but in fact, it is the very engine that drives the forces of globalization. It is a place where commerce and politics intersect. And by that I mean, where Jews go to get down in their most Jewy of guises.


Noted attendees are executives from mega tech corporations like Google, Microsoft, negroid luminaries like Will.I.Am (bc they like to see the schvartzes dance), world leaders like Merkel and Trudeau, and Mr. ball sack face himself, George Soros. So what happens there? Through the endless requests for spa blaus and swiss confectioneries, a procession from one forum on climate change to another on give muh shekels for community reinvestment goyim, begins to form. Climaxing in an orgy of self interest, deceit and the management of the decapitation of the United States.

If you asked yourself sometime during the prior administration; as did I, how are things getting so weird so fast; the answer to that question is The World Economic Forum. Every dimwitted and usurping statement condemning President Trump in the MSM finds its oogenesis at Davos. So why in the hell would he bother going?


This lowly american thinks there are only two separate, but equally plausible answers to that query.


  1. Our greatest fears: the jews have finally got to our god emperor and this is his jumping in ceremony to the dastardly and satanic cabal that follows large gathering of kikes everywhere they go.




  1. It’s the worlds biggest troll to the unending assailment by the sheenies that seek to undermine all that is good in this world, and he’s gonna give them what for.


Although we all want it to be #2, unfortunately we will have to wait till Friday to have our answer. I say this to our commander in chief; Troll on mein negger!