Columbine’s Other Gunmen [Podcast]

The Truth About Columbine

Jett Rink, Mike Jahn, and producer Pat talk about the Columbine Massacre which occurred on 4/20/1999. Jett Rink has gone over 10,000 documents from the police report and the Columbine Shooting does not match the official story. Listen to the show as the crew dismantles the Columbine Lie and reveals the possible suspects involved in the Trench Coat Mafia.



Black Lines Cross Out The Other Suspects
Klebold Threat
Klebold Bullies a disabled kid


Jocks Not Targeted
Jocks Not Targeted


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  1. Gio

    I always knew something was fishy about this story. While I believed they may have gotten picked on, it was just one way to make the jocks look totally evil and the outcasts look good. Dylan and Eric also played fucked up video games last I recall to fuel this.

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