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Big Jew Gregg Sulzberger To Take Over New York Times


Gregg Sulzberger has reached Big Jew Status The New York Times is the most iconic newspaper in America. The paper has been ran by the powerful Ochs-Sulzberger family. Carlos Slim is their front man. “At 37-years-old, “A.G.” Sulzberger is almost exactly the same age his great-great-grandfather, Adolf Ochs, was when he took over the then-failing …

Matt Stone – One of the Jews Behind South Park

Matt Stone

Matt Stone: One of The Jews Behind South Park Cartman’s Passover Special, “Jewpacabra” Criticizes Anti-Semitism, Defends Jews Reprinted with permission from Jett and Jahn Media For the last sixteen years, South Park has provided our generation with a humorous parody of politics, religion, philosophy, and pop culture. The animated sitcom about four young boys is …