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All of the Allied Forces Leaders in World War 2 Were Jewish

USA Britain Russia         The Roosevelts (nee Rosenfelt) were Jewish Dutch   Marten Van Rosenfelt | Claes Martensen Van Rosenfelt | Nicholas Roosevelt | +—————————-+ | | Johannes Roosevelt Jacobus Roosevelt | | Jacobus Roosevelt Isaac Roosevelt | | Jacobus Roosevelt James Roosevelt | | Cornelius Roosevelt Isaac Roosevelt | | Eliot …

Big Jew Gregg Sulzberger To Take Over New York Times


Gregg Sulzberger has reached Big Jew Status The New York Times is the most iconic newspaper in America. The paper has been ran by the powerful Ochs-Sulzberger family. Carlos Slim is their front man. “At 37-years-old, “A.G.” Sulzberger is almost exactly the same age his great-great-grandfather, Adolf Ochs, was when he took over the then-failing …